Care Team

Our matron leads a team of dedicated nurses and care workers
and demands the highest quality of care for all of our residents.

  • Keith Thomas
    General Manager
    & Responsible Individual
  • Sue Khakshour RGN
  • Lombe Mwanza RGN
    Deputy Matron
  • Andrea Spears
    Activities Coordinator
  • Lyndsey Ferrier
    Senior Carer
  • Sadie Davies
    Senior Carer
  • Michelle Shelford
    Senior Carer
  • Danielle Clements
    Senior Carer
  • Hazel Yutec
    Senior Carer
  • Binoy Kurian
    Senior Carer
  • Gemma Pritchard
    Senior Carer
  • Celina Lloyd
    Senior Carer
  • Yvonne Evans RGN
  • Nellan Dobbs RGN
  • Natalia Pop RGN
  • Sue Martin RGN
  • Lynne Ruck RGN